Band of insiders

Zeitgeist: Focus on lifestyle

In the midst of economic and social uncertainty, it is difficult to find stories that encourage us; This is why we want to share some information about how the planet has been healing since humans closed in.

Bonus Track: Highlights — Case Studies

Grab your phone. Take a quick look at it. Most likely you will have several texts to respond, a mountain of emails to open, and infinite notifications from your social networks.



Social Impact - Women and their rights

This pandemic hit us suddenly, without giving us much time to react; a great slowdown that led us to leave everything and quartered in our most private places.

Communication trends before COVID 19

In moments of uncertainty is where we grow the most; It is the moments of pause and supposed ‘boredom’ that help us rest our brains, disconnect from busy schedules, and reorganize our ideas so that new concepts emerge.

Future of Design

Who would have thought that in moments of crisis, being barefoot and wearing yoga shorts or pants would be the best way to face a pandemic?


Innovation New Media/Tech

If you, like us, have been locked in your home for several weeks, you will most likely be spending more and more time glued to your mobile