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Vivian Baron

Founder and Creative Chairwoman


Crushing entrepreneurship and mastering PR expertise make her worthy of a title… or do you know anyone else who started an agency at 25? The answer is no. Vivian is the Baroness of PR and the head of Band of Insiders. And no, she does not need to be revered… she needs challenges to continue to secure her title.

Hey, British monarchy! It looks like you may need someone with a title to handle that “family crisis”…

Angélica Cabrera “Gela”

CAO - Chief Amplification Officer


With the country’s leading media in her pocket, rubbing shoulders with important journalists and getting dozens of likes from the most famous influencers of the moment, Gela’s strategic mind is redefining the communication industry in Mexico and leading Band of Insiders by the hand.

It seems that the next goal of “the boss” will be to conquer the world.

Cynthia Monroy

CFO - Chief Financial Officer

Once upon a time in the lands of PR, Influencer Marketing and Creativity, a great warrior conquered numbers and finally sorted out each Insiders’ expenses. Her authority among the community creates a kind of halo around her that is nothing more than a reflection of the respect that everyone has for her.

Despite the times we live in, requesting invoices from Insiders with a look worthy of a medieval warrior is enough for “Lady von Numbers”.
juan carlos

Juan Carlos Basurto “Pollo”

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer


Charisma, glamor and followers are not enough to take over the world of Marketing. This is why, in addition to being the lord and master of the above, JC dominates the art of experience, strategy, creativity and seduction, which he has used to win over Band of Insider clients for over 20 years.

Well, well… it seems that we are in the presence of the “Brand Whisperer”. Don’t forget to follow him on social media.

Alberto Castro

Head of Consumer Comms


In the world of PR, not everyone can belong, remain and be a benchmark for best practices. This is reserved for those who are intelligent, who have the air of a diva and, of course, a sophisticated touch of fashion splashed with an ironic sense of humor. This describes Alberto, who believes that strategy is a lifestyle that goes well with certain brands and media… the best. Watch out! Before you know, you’ll be wrapped up in his charms.

It seems that someone … is always ready to kill.

Maira González

Head of Corporate Communications


Years of experience being the voice of important accounts makes up a large part of her career, which she enriches with her love of art.  Telling stories, especially those that belong to her brands and the ones she comes up with (tales, anecdotes and poems), is her hobby.  Understanding the world and its inhabitants is one of his passions. 

She provides a clear example of how anything corporate-related has a lot of art and heart behind it.


Daniela Roel

Head of New Business & Marketing


Dear diary: We met and hired the most popular girl. Roel moves among the trendiest people of any topic, brand, field or media that you may need. Oh, those who you shouldn’t even approach? Yes, she knows them too. No contact goes unsaved in her smartphone or planner.

The truth is, we’re not sure how much of a mean girl she must’ve been. But she was, is, and will continue to be a Queen Bee.

Esstefannie Estevez

Head of Influencer Marketing


Just like anything King Midas touched turned to gold, whatever Ess touches turns into an influencer, hashtag or trend.  Moving pieces around in the digital world requires a level of audacity and skill worthy of a strategist who can think as fast as the internet.

Diving into this deep world isn’t for everyone…  so just leave it in the hands of the queen of Influencer marketing.


Facundo Romero

Creative Director


It was the year 1975 when Scorpio dominated the skies and among the many gifts that characterize this sign, it was the gift of creativity that was bestowed on Facundo in every way.  His ingenuity and curiosity have led him to come across the strangest facts, cook the most exotic recipes and even read the tarot.  Can all this be applied to a job?  Of course!  If you’re curious, check out his work at Band.

Sorry divas, we actually do have a Creative Director who’s “modest and charismatic”.


Xavier Barrios

Talent & Culture Manager

Reading people is Xavi’s gift and he never takes NO for an answer, especially if he wants you to join Band’s ranks.  The ambition of our human capital enthusiast led him to pour his talent, empathy and charisma into the extreme sport of headhunting. 

His mantra, which has helped him overcome several challenges, is “you’ll never feel completely fearless when doing something, and if you wait until you do then you’ll never do anything”.  Whatever he sets his sight on, he deciphers and recruits.


Mauricio García

Fohr Business & Comms Leader


As an expert in Mexico City, its secrets and its tacos, Mauricio knows all about influencers.  So much so that he’s the head of Fohr in Mexico.  Passionate about running and road cycling, he has the strength and grit to face crises, seize trends and deal with his own perfectionism.  Want to know about the best places to eat? He knows all about them too.

It seems like Mau himself could be an influencer.


Fernando Mercado

PR Manager


More than 10 years of experience have made him a part of the success enjoyed by many of the brands we know today. Allow us to introduce the benchmark creator. Fer is familiar with every secret and main character of the underground life of Mexico City and its society. Need to amplify your brand? He knows where to do it, who to contact, and how to do it.

Insider Alert: don’t be intimidated by his unwavering expression; it’s all the secrets and experiences he keeps to himself.

Diego Abrego

PR Manager


Clearly gifted to succeed in stand-up comedy, Diego has decided that the stage will never get to know his talent because he prefers to direct it towards the art of PR.  His jokes and distinctive sense of humor will never replace his professionalism, as he is extremely passionate about each of his brands and uses his charisma to constantly maintain a good relationship with his clients.

His favorite quote: “Always know if the juice is worth the squeeze”.


Andrea Rubio

Management Assistant

Fun fact: Andy has mastered needles, thread and yarn and is the queen of crochet.

Quote: “YOLO”