The minds that support us.

We are the first independent agency with presence in 5 countries across America.

Meet the team of Insiders that make this possible.

Vivian Barón

Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur at heart, a visionary mind, and the founder of this great project. Viv created Band of Insiders in Mexico in 2012, and now we are across the entire continent! With over 20 years of making her mark in the world of communication, she has collaborated with high-profile international clients and has been recognized as one of the “30 Young Business Promises” in Mexico. She is passionate about philanthropy, especially for the empowerment of girls, women’s health, and the elderly. She is madly in love with Taxita, her Jack Russell, with whom she travels across the globe.

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Angélica Cabrera

Sr. Partner & Managing Director LATAM

Gelo is a wise soul of both the online and offline worlds. With over 14 years of experience, she has been connecting with the most relevant media, journalists, and influencers in the scene, to amplify national and international brands. As the creator of the ‘Influencer Summit’ and a member of the ’65 Marketing Women’ in 2022, she’s our leader in continuing to grow in Latin America! She’s passionate about human development and conscious activities, like meditation, mountain climbing, or temazcal.

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Cynthia Monroy

Chief Financial Officer

Cynthia works magic with numbers. An expert in financial strategies, business administration, and projection, she helps us with the most challenging and essential aspect: managing our entire budget. She creates policies for continuous improvement to keep us as a transparent, organized, and reliable company. She enjoys going to the theater, psychological thriller series, and the intelligent humor of Mafalda.

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Fabiola Chinchilla

Chief Controller Officer

Fabi helps us maintain a spirit of order and progress through processes. With over 20 years of experience, she excels in human talent, change management, and continuous improvement. She mentors in the development of female leadership, supporting women to improve in their professional realm. A lover of hiking, boxing, and cinema.

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Gustavo Medina

Chief Creative & Planning Officer

Our creative mind! Gus combines his expressive heart of an internationally recognized visual artist, with his expert mind in strategic planning. With many years of experience in the advertising world, creating success stories for various global brands, he is our guide in innovation and differentiation. He’s an expert gardener, passionate Nintendo player, and daily meditator.

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Esstefannie Estevez

VP Influencer Marketing

The master of influencer marketing! Esstef knows how to move the right pieces at the right time to turn good ideas into major trends in the digital world. Agile, creative, and versatile, she is a specialist in content, online strategy, blogging, and social media. A fervent admirer of Formula 1, baseball, and traveling to explore new cultures.

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Fernando Mercado

Head of Corp Comms

Fer has been with us since the beginning of time. A great connoisseur of brand positioning, trend benchmarks, crisis management, and media relations. Today, he is our expert in brand amplification because he knows where, with whom, and how to achieve it. He loves skating and swimming.

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Dione Rubio

Head of Production

Turning an incredible idea into reality? Look no further than Dione, our beloved producer, for whom no challenge is impossible. A theater actress and a perfectionist in the art of production, her blend of talents helps us transform our events into memorable experiences. Her greatest joy in life is pottery-making.

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Pamela Cortés

New Business Manager México

Pam is a sales specialist, excelling in client prospecting, up-selling, and 360 sales strategies. Her results-oriented approach, negotiation skills, and extensive experience in influencer marketing with micro, macro-influencers, and thought leaders, make her an expert in assisting us with acquiring new clients and ensuring appropriate follow-up to strengthen our long-term relationships with them.

Ariadna Vargas

Talent & Culture Manager

Everyone who has worked with Ari recognizes the passion and skill she owns for building strong and lasting interpersonal relationships. With over 5 years of experience, we trust her to create a positive work environment where we value and nurture the potential of each individual. Ari loves her two dogs (Koda and Stitch) and enjoys going to concerts.

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Jorgelina Peciña

Regional Managing Director South Cone

Jorgelina, from her Argentine lands, is our pillar in the Southern Cone. With over 20 years dedicated to strategic alliances, digital campaigns, and corporate communication, she has a great passion for journalism, social sciences, the communication industry, and public relations. She is a pioneer in the gaming & eSports world. Fun fact: She is a runner, and a lover of books and writing.

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María Cortés

Managing Director Andean Region

María, proudly Colombian, is our representative in the Andean countries. With 11 years of experience in the PR, marketing, and lobbying universe, she is a specialist in connecting with the private sector, agencies, media, and influencers. She is a music lover, especially of underground electronic festivals, and is passionate about exercise. We trust her to continue growing!

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Alejandra Colin

Regional Managing Director Central-America and Caribbean

Happily based in Panama, Ale leads our presence in Central America and the Caribbean. With over 16 years dedicated to communication, PR, and influencer marketing, she is now a specialist in storytelling, working with various industries, and guiding opinion leaders throughout Latin America. She also holds a diploma in sports journalism and loves soccer for all the emotions this sport evokes.

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Rachel Van Dolsen

Managing Director USA

Rachel has a true gift for storytelling. In 2012, she founded RVD in Brooklyn, NY, a progressive PR, influencer marketing and brand building agency. She has been featured in the “100 Most Influential People in Brooklyn Culture” (Brooklyn Magazine), has spoken on panels hosted by the UVA Club of New York, WeWork, Bitten, and teaches various seminars. She currently leads our operations in the United States. She adores her rescue pup, tasting rare wines, and collecting hats!

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Emma Rowland

Senior Vice President – PR

Emma is an expert in the culinary world. She has represented acclaimed restaurants and chefs such as Marcus Samuelsson and Chris Cosentino, and led successful campaigns for renowned gastronomic books. With over 10 years of experience creating public relations for major brands, she combines her talent in hospitality with her ability to devise impactful experiences. Coming from a family of journalists, she loves reading mysteries and historical fiction.

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Paige Connelly

Senior Vice President – Influencer Marketing

Paige, a specialist in multifunctional marketing roles, is a cooking enthusiast and a certified fitness instructor. Over the past 10 years, she has implemented successful campaigns for the growth of leading global companies. From the United States, she supports us with new business development and oversees the influencer marketing area. How does she relax at the end of the day? By cooking a delicious dinner for her family.

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Erica Munoz

Office Manager

Erica is our expert in organizing processes at our headquarters in New York. She has a broad and diverse background, collaborating in various sectors such as fashion, jewelry, architecture, and even as a program assistant for the Federal Government of the United States. She loves jewelry making, and metalworking. Drawing and oil painting are her absolute passions!


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